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Lash Segments as a Service

It’s gonna be popular whether you like it or not… so don’t be the last to start offering it.

People are catching on, I’ve seen it over the last few weeks slowly but surely more artists are starting to offer it as a service and I’ll tell you why.

It’s expanding your service options which means more clients in the door, stronger relationships being built and higher retail sales.

Think about what your client needs, if they pick out their extensions all the time maybe it’s not for them but these could be a great alternative that’s not going to damage them when they decide they need to take them off at home.

Or your client that only wants them for her cousins wedding and Christmas, why not be the only to get her a perfect application and send her home with a kit, cause in 3 weeks she will want more and probably pop in for a set which made you money without using any of your time.

Or the client that just lost her job and doesn’t want to stop but at least if she can have something at home until she gets a new job and can come back for her extension that she’s obsessed with and more importantly to see you, cause that’s why she’s really coming back ;) you just strengthen that relationship who will be a client for life because you not only understood her situation you had the perfect solution.

It’s more then just lashes it’s about relationships, it’s about hearing your clients needs and being able to provide the solution. We do it because we love the people so here’s a new way to show love all around.
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