So nice to meet you...

So nice to meet you! I'm Bethany and I just love making women feel beautiful. I know everyone has their own definition of what that means and I'm not here to tell you what that is but more to share what it is to me. Beauty is found in so many elements of our world in so many facets, but one thing I know after spending my life immersed in the beauty industry is that how you look affects how you feel and adding something as simple as lashes into your daily look but eliminating it from your daily routine can make all the difference in how you take on the rest of your day and if just one persons day is better because of our lashes then I've already accomplished what I came here to do.



My Story

Life always takes us to amazing places if we let it. This last year has been a whirlwind to say the least but it’s all worth it to have come to the creation of Revel Lash.

Born and raised in Southern California, last summer we decided to up and move our family to Florida to live next to my sister and take on a new adventure and an adventure is exactly what it has been.

I’ve been a lash artist for almost 10 years and owned my own lash studio, Salty Lash for at least 5 of those years. I loved what I did, the community, the excitement lashes brought to people, and getting to know and love my clients. When we moved I closed my studio and decided to stay home with my two sweet girls but you see I love to work so I already knew I wanted to create some type of online work for myself that I could easily maintain while being mom. I also wanted to be excited about whatever it was because why build something new if you’re not excited about it? Anyways I was in a new area, not working, and wanting to spend a lot more time with my girls. This translates into, I didn’t know or trust a new lash artists near me, I couldn’t justify spending the money since I wasn’t working, and I really didn’t want to go spend several hours getting my lashes done during this season of life.

Now I knew of lashify which was a bit pricey in my opinion, and I had seen several adds for a DIY Lash brand called Urban Lash and seen somethings from other instagrams but these looked the fullest so I figured I’d try them. They were crap you guys, the volume was nothing close to mimicking extensions, the remover didn’t do much of anything and the bond and seal application was super annoying. Disappointed I started to look around more. I tried a few off of amazon and looked at some other brands and they all looked about the same. Nothing was going to give me the look of extensions I was wanting to replicate and that is where the spark was lit. I started contacting manufactures and and seeing what was possible. I was told by several that it was “impossible” to make them that full and eventually found a company that was capable of doing so and that’s when I decided to create Revel Lash. My wheels were turning and I was fired up, excited to create something that would give me the look I wanted but with the control I needed and flexibility to my lifestyle. So here we are today.

I’m already so grateful for what has come of this journey and for all the support you all have given me. I can’t wait to see where we go!!

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