Let me introduce myself - Revel Lash Co.

Let me introduce myself

Let me introduce myself 

My name is Bethany, I’ve been doing lash extensions for over 8 years. I own @salty.lash that I had for 5 years in Carlsbad Ca. before we decided to move to Florida this last summer. When we moved I there were not a lot of options for lashes around me, and I also wasn’t working and couldn’t justify spending the money just yet. I knew about lashify but wasn’t in love enough to spend that kinda money either, so I started looking at different options found one online that I liked but thought that had to be a better option something that looked closer to extensions then what I had seen.

Born is Revel Lash, after going through several manufacturers, one told me it couldn’t be done… I found someone who was capable of producing the type of lash I was looking for. It was the closest I was going to get to extensions without it being the real thing and now I’m hooked. It’s honestly been such a life saver to not have to give up lashes, since we all know how good they make us feel, and have an alternative that’s not crazy expensive and actually looks good.

I can’t wait to share them with you all!! I will continue to post information about them, a few application videos are coming, I’m gonna talk about the concern of damage and how these puppies work and then one day very soon they will be ready for you guys!!

Thanks for all the support and love
Xoxo Bethany
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