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Why Segment lashes?

You guys these are a game changer! I’ve been doing lash extensions for almost 10 years and have encountered so many women who lash extensions just weren’t a good fit for them. Whether it was an allergic reaction, or they just wanted them for events or a wedding or they rub their eyes a lot or whatever it may be it would always be such a bummer to be like “sorry these really aren’t for you and now you have to go be naked and sad” ya know what I mean!? Just heartbreaking honestly. 

Soooo when I moved across the country, and stopped working… I have no budget for lashes and I couldn’t find anyone I would trust anyways but I was only going to have naked eyes because I wanted to not because I was forced to so I started looking at what my options were. I knew DIY lashes were a thing, tried a few didn’t really love the look because they still looked like a strip and weren’t nearly full enough so I decided to look into designing my own, and that brings us here!

I’m obsessed with them, they mimic the look of lash extensions without being lash extensions. You can layer them, you can mix styles, you can wear them when you want to and take them off when you want to. You have full control over them and that’s the best part, besides how good they look ;) 


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