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How to apply your DIY Lashes

  • Start with clean lashes prior to application we recommend using a designated lash cleanser to get them extra clean.
  • Select the lashes you’ll be using and either pinch them off the clear band or trim to size.
  • Apply a small amount bond to the base of your natural lash, this will create a cushion and allow for an easier application and longer wear time.
  • Use your tweezer and select your first lash, it’s best to start on the outside and work inward.
  • Once you’ve completed your application you’ll apply sealant to the base of the lash as well as in between your Revel Lash tweezers and sandwich the lashes together at the base of the lash. Avoid sealant on the mid to tips of the lash to maintain fluff.
  • Holding the lash with your tweezer apply a small amount of bond to the base of the top side of the lash segment. Keep in mind the lash is going underneath the lash line so you want to apply to the side that will be connecting to your natural lash.
  • Repeat these steps until your lash line is complete, for a fuller look you can layer or “stack” an additional set of lashes on top of what was just applied.
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