Frequently Asked Questions

Can these damage my natural lashes?

No! Just like extensions it’s important to have proper care and be gentle with them but they won’t damage your naturals. The glue is very flexible which allows room for your naturals to continue grow and move as needed.

Using the remover to take off the lashes and any additional glue will help maintain your natural lash health as well.

How do I apply them?

you can visit our page “how to apply” for our step by step instructions or visit our instagram @revel.lash for videos.

How are these different then extensions?

These are different in a few ways. Lash segments are applied at home for the most part though it can be offered as a service as well. They are larger segments, that are applied underneath the lash line where as extensions are applied to each individual lash by a lash technician. The bond used is a flexible glue that more similar to strip glue where extension adhesive hardens for a stronger hold. Extensions last 2-3 weeks where these last 5-10 days.

Is the glue latex free?

yes! Both latex and formaldehyde free.

Why DIY Lashes over extensions?

In all reality these are not the same as extensions but they are a great alternative. For people who are allergic to lash extensions, people who have a hard time with the commitment or maintenance of lash extensions or simply don’t have the upkeep in their budget or need a break these are an excellent option. They are also great for special events for someone who only needs them temporarily but wants them for more then just an evening.

If I'm allergic to lash extensions can I wear these?

yes! The adhesive is a different chemical compound then what is used for extensions so it’s a great alternative if you’re allergic to lash extensions. It’s always good to do a patch test on yourself if you have any concerns.