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Lash Wash

Lash Wash

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Because your lashes deserve to be clean. This lash wash is designed for both segment lashes and lash extensions. With our environmentally refillable bottle and refill packets you get the best of both worlds.

It’s ideal for cleansing the eye area prior to your lash application or lash fill.

It can be used to clean the eye area while wearing your lashes, we recommend cleansing the eye area around the lash daily and cleansing your lashes every few days.

it’s also great for washing your segment lashes in between uses, if you choose to wash and reuse your lashes.  

The cleanser is a high foam making it excellent for removing makeup, oil and debris from the eye area for a stronger bond and better overall retention. 

This item includes one bottle and one packet to fill your bottle with. Purchase lash wash refills separately. 

Refill & Bottle filling instructions - when you receive your bottle it will be empty. You will open your packet and empty contents into the foam pump bottle and fill the remaining space with water. Shake gently before use. 

Refill with Refill Packets, this helps save on shipping costs by having less weight and allows us to be environmentally friendly by reusing your lash wash bottle and refilling it.

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  • Perfect for work

    "These are perfect for my work week, I love them all but the Ashlyn is just the right amount of lash not too much drama but still noticeable."


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  • One less tasks

    "I absolutely love these, I put them on at the beginning of the week and they last week through the whole thing. It's one less thing to worry about in the morning and they look incredible "

    - Ashlyn

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  • Obsessed

    " Super easy, super comfortable. No joke I've tried so many different brands and these are the best all around. I'm obsessed "


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I thought it was already made it came separately and I didn’t know how if I had to add with water or just the packets