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Revel in Joy: Your Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by giving the gift of effortlessly beautiful lashes? This year, Revel Lash has curated the perfect Holiday Gift Guide featuring some of our most coveted products. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising your loved ones, our selection is sure to bring joy and glamour.


1. Lash Kit Bundle - $95 (Originally $124):
Indulge in the ultimate lash experience with our original Lash Kit Bundle. Priced at just $95 (originally $124), this bundle includes everything you need for stunning lashes: Revel Lash Bond & Seal, Lash Remover, Tweezers, Scissors, and our stylish Lash Box. Choose your favorite lash style, as each box includes three pairs of one specific style. It's the perfect way to enhance your lash game and switch up your look for different occasions.


2. Mini Lash Kit Bundle - $75 (Originally $97):
For those who love variety, our second Mini Lash Kit Bundle is a steal at $75 (originally $97). This kit includes Revel Lash Bond & Seal, Lash Remover, Tweezers, Scissors, and an array of six different lash styles. It's an excellent choice for trying out each style without committing to a full set. And with the flexibility to change your lash look whenever you desire, it's the ideal gift for lash enthusiasts.

3. Curate Your Lash Bliss:                                     Tis’ the season for giving! Craft your own lash haven by assembling items totaling $75 or more and receive a free make-up bag! Mix and match our delightful single lash boxes, Bond & Seal, Remover, and Lash Wash, and Lash tools, or whatever items your heart desires.

This holiday season, Revel in joy and share the gift of stunning lashes. Treat yourself or your loved ones to the perfect blend of glamour and convenience with Revel Lash's Holiday Gift Guide. After all, nothing says "happy holidays" quite like the gift of beautiful, fluttery lashes. 🎁💖✨

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