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The Ashlyn Lash

The Ashlyn Lash

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DIY Lashes are the perfect solution to take back control over your lash routine, whether it's taking them with you on the go or having the ease of applying them at home, at home Lash Extensions are the way to go. Salon quality lashes without all the fuss.

Our Ashlyn lash provides a natural look and soft finish they are a great choice for that classic look.

They have an ultra lightweight band, the Ashlyn Lash gives a soft Doll Eye look with light texture. This box includes 3 sets of lashes ranging in sizes from 10-13s creating a shorter and softer look. They are precut into 4 easy to apply segments. When paired with our Bond & Seal and proper care they wear for 7-10 days. 

Ultra-lightweight band makes for a super comfortable wear.

Lengths of 10s-13s are ideal if you're looking for a shorter style.

Last 7-10 days with a proper application and care you can get at least a week of wear if not more.

Pre-cut segments for a quick and easy application they are pre-cut into 5 pieces.

3 sets in a box just the right amount to get you through the month.

Wash and reuse the lashes, they are durable and high quality making them perfect for those wanting to wash and reuse their sets.

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How to pick your lash style

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  • Perfect for work

    "These are perfect for my work week, I love them all but the Ashlyn is just the right amount of lash not too much drama but still noticeable."


    Verified buyer

  • One less tasks

    "I absolutely love these, I put them on at the beginning of the week and they last week through the whole thing. It's one less thing to worry about in the morning and they look incredible "

    - Ashlyn

    Verified buyer

  • Obsessed

    " Super easy, super comfortable. No joke I've tried so many different brands and these are the best all around. I'm obsessed "


    Verified buyer

Customer Reviews

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Brianda C Sanchez
Similar to "hybrids"

I love these! I was looking for a "hybrid" look which is a mix between natural and volume extensions and these are it in my opinion. An extra oomph from the naturals.