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Revel Lash

Lash Fusing Tweezer

Lash Fusing Tweezer

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Lashes without fusing tweezers is like cake without frosting... they are better together trust us.

These tweezers are designed specifically for fusing or (sandwiching) the lash segments together with your naturals for the ultimate bond.

They are not necessarily designed for applying the lashes, we recommend any traditional tweezer for your lash application and reserving these for fusing your lashes for the best bond possible.

Pro tip: Apply Sealant in between the tweezer before fusing your lashes together, this allows the Sealant to be placed exactly where it needs to be (at the base) and keeps your tweezer from sticking to your lashes when you fuse or (clamp) them together.

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How to pick your lash style

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  • Perfect for work

    "These are perfect for my work week, I love them all but the Ashlyn is just the right amount of lash not too much drama but still noticeable."


    Verified buyer

  • One less tasks

    "I absolutely love these, I put them on at the beginning of the week and they last week through the whole thing. It's one less thing to worry about in the morning and they look incredible "

    - Ashlyn

    Verified buyer

  • Obsessed

    " Super easy, super comfortable. No joke I've tried so many different brands and these are the best all around. I'm obsessed "


    Verified buyer