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Ashlyn Lash Single

Ashlyn Lash Single

Our Ashlyn lash provides a natural look and soft finish.

They have an ultra lightweight band and give a soft Doll Eye look with light texture.

This box includes

  • 1 set of lashes ranging
  • sizes from 10-13s creating a shorter and softer look.
  • precut into 4 easy to apply segments. 
  • wear for 7-10 days. 
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Product Features

Ultra-lightweight band makes for a super comfortable wear.

Pre-cut segments for a quick and easy application they are pre-cut into 4-5 pieces.

Pre-mapped style each style is already set accordingly with varying lengths in each pair for a natural fit to your eye no need to buy different lengths.

Style Variations Volume, Wispy, Natural, Ashlyn, Softie, Kitten, Wet Look

Last 7-10 days with a proper application and care you can get at least a week of wear if not more.

Wash and reuse the lashes, they are durable and high quality making them perfect for those wanting to wash and reuse their sets.

Lash Care

  • For best result apply to ultra clean eyes avoiding oils or creams prior to applying.
  • To help your wear time, avoid touching the lashes especially while they’re wet, and also the rest of the time...
  • Re-fuse lashes after showers, Lash Wash, and face washes to strengthen their hold.
  • Keep your lashes looking fresh and clean with our Lash wash. (sold separately).

How to apply

Prep - be sure to clean your eye area and lashes thoroughly with our lash cleanser or an oil free cleanser prior to your application to ensure the best attachment.

Glue - apply glue to the base of your natural lash.

Apply - using a tweezer pickup your pre-cut lash segment apply a dab of glue to the base of the lash segment then apply to the underneath of your natural lash. Continue until all lashes have been applied.

Seal & Fuse - use the sealant to apply a light coat to the base of your lashes, then for extra hold apply sealant in between the fusing tweezer, use the tweezer to sandwich aka FUSE the lashes together.

Visit our “how to apply” page for more detailed instructions and videos.

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How to pick your lash style

No need to be intimidated girl! We made you a step by step video to guide you through your first application.